Our Mission

Our mission is to support our membership, military families, and the local community through welfare funding, educational scholarships, and fundraising events.

The Tinker Spouses’ Club (TSC) is open to spouses of all military branches at Tinker AFB.  We welcome spouses of ALL ranks of active duty, reservists, retirees, and base-affiliated civilians.

2019-2020 Board Roster

Have a question? Interested in joining the board? Please share your thoughts and contact us!

President, Emily Layman

Parliamentarian, Mallory Clark

Charitable Director, Tiffany Kalin

Operations Director, Kat Kosmala

Executive Secretary, Katherine Keller

Admin Treasurer, Janet Lujan

Welfare Treasurer, Jennifer King

Thrift Shop Chair, Kellie Nelson

Thrift Shop Manager, Nicole Kettlewell

TS Bookkeeper, Joni Kidney

TS Cashier, Corinne Guyer

Cinderellas' Closet, Kellie Nelson

Community Liaison, Lori Johnson-Vegas, Joel Jacobson

Welfare Chair, Rachel Fialkowski

Scholarship Chair, Jacie Barach

Silent Auction Chair, Corinne Guyer

Ways & Means, Vacant

Membership Team, Tami Fetz and Melyssa Williams

Socials/Programs, Lauren Herriott

Special Activites Team, Amanda Andrejkovics and Jen Secor

Hail & Farewell, Denise Nelson

Reservations & Volunteer Coordinator, Kaitlyn Valeri

Newsletter, Meagan Harms

Publicity (Operations), Molly Cooper

Webmaster, Victoria Hagardt

Honorary President
Kilpae Filcek


Kelly Hill

Judy Kirkland, TS Advisor

Michelle Mott
Karen Poisson
Debi Stamey, Welfare Advisor

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Tinker Spouses Club is a non-profit social welfare 501 c(4) private organization and  not a part of the DoD or any of its components and has no governmental status.