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Thrift Shop Re-Opening & Updates

The Tinker Thrift Shop enjoyed its Grand Reopening on August 2nd, after staff and volunteers worked hard to make improvements during the summer closure in July. During the closure, our staff and volunteers worked incredibly hard, moving shelves and inventory, processing donations, deep cleaning, and making improvements in the office. All their hard work was immediately rewarded with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback when the store reopened in August!

The Tinker Thrift Shop features both a Furniture Room and a Clothing Room. The Furniture Room showcases furniture, kitchen items, toys, bedding, electronics, baby items (i.e. strollers, infant bathtubs, baby carriers, etc), home decor, seasonal items, and more! In the Clothing Room customers will find clothing for all ages, with a section for designer items and a newly created section with formal dresses for sale. The newly improved Children's section now features infant, toddler, and youth clothing for girls and boys! 

Every customer, donor, and consignor of the Tinker Thrift Shop is greatly appreciated. All proceeds from the Thrift Shop go to the Welfare Fund of the Tinker Spouses' Club, which helps fund scholarships for military spouses and dependents, as well as other charitable efforts that benefit Team Tinker. When you shop, donate, or consign at the Tinker Thrift Shop, you are giving to an organization that gives back to the military community!

Volunteers are dearly appreciated, and anybody that has a military ID with base access is welcome to start volunteering. They are the true heart of the Tinker Thrift Shop, graciously giving so much of their time and talents to make the shop run smoothly. There is a position for every person with every kind of ability, from processing donations, organizing clothes in the Clothing Room, taking in consignments and entering them into the computer, taking donations to the Salvation Army or City Rescue Mission, or even bringing food for the volunteers to enjoy as they work. Volunteers are allowed to bring their children, and there is even a special kid's play area in the office just for them! 

Volunteers also enjoy special discounts and privileges. Once someone has put in 8 hours of service, they are able to purchase Thrift Shop-owned items that are under $25 for 50% off, and items $25 and over for 20% off! They also get first pick at any donations and consignments that come in to the shop. Many volunteers claim items to purchase before they even hit the floor! The Tinker Thrift Shop exists because of the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. 

It's going to be a great year for the Tinker Thrift Shop, stop by soon and see what's new!


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