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Welfare in the Community

When you support the Tinker Thrift Shop and the Tinker Spouses Group, you're supporting the community. Proceeds from the Thrift Shop go directly back to local families, groups, and organizations.

Here's how the Tinker Spouses Club gave back this month:

  1. TSC partnered with the AFRC and First Sergeants to help purchase a water heater for a Tinker family. This allowed our club to not only provide for a family in need, but to also collaborate with other base agencies to support our local area.

  2. Gave a financial donation to the Oklahoma Women's Veteran Organization to support their silent auction benefiting female veterans throughout Oklahoma.

  3. At our kickoff social, TSC Board Members donated school supplies that were then donated to Tinker Elementary. These contributions directly benefit the youngest members of our Tinker family.

Thanks for supporting the Tinker Spouses Club and giving to our community. 

Writer: Becca Stewart, October 2018

Photo credit: Element5 Digital


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