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Our Charitable Work

The Tinker Spouses’ Club (TSC) is a non-profit, social and philanthropic organization committed to enriching the lives of local military families, by providing charitable, grants, and educational scholarships to military dependents and spouses. 

Welfare Requests
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TSC provides funding for organizations that further the common good and general well-being of Tinker AFB personnel, military dependents, and the military community at large, including civilian workforce and families in the greater Oklahoma City area. We support organizations that encourage and develop good character, assist with the needy, and support tax-exempt organizations which provide family services such as counseling, child care, and special needs.


Grant Requests

TSC is proud to offer Grants, in 2 different categories.

A Book Grant of $500 to any Student enrolled in a college or university and has not been previously awarded a TSC Scholarship. Proof of enrollment will be required and the check will be written to the Bursar's Office.

A Grant to any spouse or dependent that is seeking a specialized certification, Trade, or Vocational Skill or starting a new business. The grant will be awarded up to $1,000 per applicant. Proof of enrollment and cost must be provided and the check will be written to the institution on your behalf.


Examples of Grant Recipients; Nail Technicians, Daycare Providers, Real Estate Agents, Home Based-Business Consultants, Massage Therapists, and recertification requirements due to PCS.

Applicants may apply as Dependents Entering or In College, Dependents Continuing Education, Spouses Entering or In College, or Spouses Continuing Education.

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TSC is proud to offer scholarships, in four different categories, for our community. Scholarships are made possible by community fundraisers, and thrift shop sales. TSC scholarship committee and judges panel worked hard reviewing each application, which is scored based on academics, community involvement, work history, and an essay.  Applicants may apply as Dependents Entering College, Dependents Continuing Education, Spouses Entering College, or Spouses Continuing Education, which now includes second bachelors and/or advanced degrees.


The Tinker Spouses’ Club (TSC) is proud to serve not only Team Tinker,  but our local community as well. Through the dedication of our members, the TSC volunteers and supports numerous service projects.The Spirit of Volunteerism is encouraged. The Tinker Thrift Shop is accomplished almost entirely with volunteers dedicated to giving their time and skill to help run the shop.

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