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About The Tinker Spouses' Club (TSC)

The TSC is committed to providing the spouses of Tinker AFB with an active and welcoming organization where spouses can promote and participate in charitable activities for both the military and civilian communities. It also encourages participation of all spouses, male and female, and of all ranks to be a part of a supportive and inclusive group that seeks to make life better for each other. The TSC is open to all military spouses from all branches of service on active duty, widowed spouses, spouses of retired members of the armed forces, spouses of part-time Guard and Reserve members, and spouses of Civil Service Employees, active or retired. 

There are two sides to the TSC

We have a social side. On this side we have social events, small group activities, and other fun events. These can be anything our members can think of to do. Social activities range from lunch club to spontaneous nights out on the town. There are lots of ways to meet other spouses, make new friends and enjoy some adult time.  

Our other side is our charitable side. Again, anything our members can dream up, we can look into doing. These things range from Scholarships, Grants, Welfare Requests, helping local agencies, making financial contributions to service organizations, volunteering at our Thrift Shop to giving our time in the community.  In 2022, We gave away thousands of dollars to charities around the OKC area, as well as, a few nation wide charities.


Just a few of the  organizations we've supported in the past include Air Force Aid Society, the Tinker First Shirts, The Chief's Organization, Fischer House, Dogs on Deployment, Operation Homefront, US Air Force Enlisted Village, Team Tinker Home Away from Home, and Several Tinker AFB squadrons/units.


The two main ways we are able to do these things. One is Membership Dues (Social Side) and the other is proceeds from the TSC Thrift Shop (Charitable Side)

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Contact Us

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